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Return of Handmade Dev Show

The What Show?

The Handmade Dev Show was a Twitch show where I interviewed interesting programmers who somehow aligned with the Handmade manifesto.

I’d dive deep into the programmer’s history, aspirations, and vision for the software industry. The show produced highly-regarded interviews with the likes of Jonathan Blow, Sean Barrett, Eskil Steenberg, and more. We even had spare time to (successfully) defend Majora’s Mask against Casey’s vicious attacks.

Five years ago I paused the show due to my life becoming too busy and complicated. However, people each year speak fondly of the interviews. Given that I no longer have a boss, and I miss peering into the minds of fascinating people… dang. Let’s just revive the show!

Grab chocolate wine from the cellar because we’re back.

Sweet! Who’s your first guest?

That would be Allen Webster, creator of 4coder, a founder at Dion Systems, and a seasoned programmer at Epic Games.

Allen was my first one-on-one guest on the show. Back then he was only a student and barely started 4coder. It seems fitting to sit down with him all these years later.

When’s the episode?

The show streams live on Wednesday, June 15th at 6:15 p.m. Seattle Time.

That’s tomorrow! Follow us on Twitch.

What’s the future schedule gonna be?

I don’t know yet. Ideally it happens once a week, or every other week. However, I’m also running conferences and building Terminal Click, and those are time sinks.

I’m learning to spin all the plates without dropping any, so I ask for your patience. That said, the show is back and it’s here to stay – hopefully for years to come.