• Kennedy Space Center
  • Thekla, Inc.
  • Cyan, Inc.

At NASA, Abner helped upgrade the launch control system from the Space Shuttle days to a setup for modern rockets. He became Intern of the Year in 2015 and named to Kennedy’s 2016 Top 10 Innovators through Kickstart People’s Choice. Reflecting on the experience, he penned an essay published by the press.

During his time with Jonathan Blow, Abner pioneered the infrastructure that helped mature the Jai compiler: testing framework, build server, bug cataloguing system, fuzzing system, and so on. Several live streams were unofficially archived. He also contributed to the Braid Remaster, saving hundreds of megs of RAM by optimizing the asset packer.

Abner organized popular initiatives to promote systems programming and is working to innovate terminals. At 29, he’s become the senior systems programmer for Cyan Worlds (Makers of the Myst series.)

Abner Coimbre

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